March 2017

What are we testing?

March 19th, 2017|Blog, Edexcel, From the Coal Face, Resources, Uncategorized|

Ramblings of a mad woman probably but I'm trying to get my head around ways to work with our current and future cohorts to overcome issues whereby some students do this: Read the question Decide they aren't going to be able to FINISH the question Don't even start having a go [...]

February 2017

Someone sent me an email …

February 1st, 2017|From the Coal Face, Teaching|

I’ve written before about the pressure of making the right/wrong tiering decision -> here but an email I received this week (more about that below) coincided with something I found in the board meeting papers from Ofqual last week that made me go … hmmmmmmmmmmmm then grrrrrrrrrr. The specific piece [...]

January 2017

From the coalface 5

January 3rd, 2017|Blog, From the Coal Face, NEW GCSE 9-1|

Occasionally I open up the blog to others to write a post or two ... (don't worry Seager isn't getting another chance ... EVER!). Some of the motives for doing this stem from being able to offer a different view on life at the coalface but also because I find [...]

December 2016

A little every day – JANUARY 2017

December 22nd, 2016|Blog, From the Coal Face, Resources|

I did mean to get these posted last week but sometimes forget how manic the end of term is ... just starting to chill out - it's only taken 4 days! The file for the January maths calendar and also solutions for the December one can be found below: January [...]

November 2016

Presentation “watch”

November 20th, 2016|Blog, From the Coal Face|

I've been a little quiet on the "teaching" blog front recently because we're all so pre-occupied with the new GCSE. I am sooooo looking forward to when it is no longer "new" and we, as teachers get more of a grip on what a grade 5 etc looks and feels [...]

October 2016

A little every day – October 2016

October 1st, 2016|Blog, From the Coal Face, Resources|

File for October maths calender and also solutions for September found below: October -> monthly-maths-october September Solutions -> monthly-maths-september-solutions  

September 2016

A little bit every day – SEPT 2016

September 1st, 2016|From the Coal Face, Resources, Teaching|

File for September and also solutions for August: Monthly Maths - September Monthly Maths -August - SOLUTIONS I'm ready to get back to work, I know everyone is different but for me the point when I haven't a clue what day of the week it is means I need to get [...]

August 2016

So … Results Day 2016

August 25th, 2016|Blog, From the Coal Face, Teaching|

I started writing this late last night but never posted it so I've come back to it this afternoon having been into school and seen the students open their results (and no I didn't cry this year!) so please forgive the way my tenses change throughout the post.  Once again, [...]

July 2016

From the coalface 4 – A level periodic table

July 19th, 2016|Blog, From the Coal Face, Resources|

I saw a pic this week of an adaptation of the "maths" periodic table and so me, being me I asked if Claire would be happy for me to share .... yay!! She was!! ... and has even done a little intro ... so Ladies & Gents ... from Claire [...]

Speeding violation

July 11th, 2016|5 - Misc., From the Coal Face, Resources|

I thought I'd share another great idea that has come from another subject - this time courtesy of GeographyBlog (on twitter as @Geoisamazing)  So I put a shout out for ideas as to what statements could go on a maths versions. Let's just say there were lots - whilst there [...]