JustMaths is born from the passion and spirit of three full time teachers at the “most improved school in England” (January 2013). We could tell you how good the Top 40 and JustMaths Online is, but don’t take our word for it, this is what some of our customers have to say:

“The Top 40 is an excellent resource that supports and challenges our Year 11 students.   This resource is making a difference!  In addition, the website provides additional, ready to use, resources for each of the topics … it’s a real bargain at £200 per year!”
Richard Whitehouse, All Saints Academy, Plymouth

“What makes them so effective is that they are designed (and used) by people who are actually doing the job every day.
James Ashley, Halifax High, Halifax

“The Top 40 resources have transformed the group of C/D borderline students that I teach. They are really engaged with the material, which is presented in an exciting way that pupils enjoy but more importantly, learn from. It is not just another revision tool for my classroom … this is THE revision tool! The best money the department has ever spent.”
Chris Graham, Royal Hospital School, Suffolk

If you need more persuasion, check out this review of the site by Tom Riley who sums it up “The best review of JustMaths is the one which says ‘what makes them so effective, is that they are designed and used by people who are actually doing the job every day’. If only that were true about more educational products.”

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