GCSE Assessment Information:
The weighting of the different content domains for the 9-1 GCSE is prescribed by the Department for Education (DFE) as follows:

Weighting of marks per assessment series for “Probability & Statistics”
Foundation tier Higher Tier
15% 15%


Exam boards are to apply these weightings, subject to a +/-3% tolerance across the assessments for each tier in each Assessment Series. Note that where they do not achieve this in a given Assessment Series they should achieve them in as few Assessment Series as is possible.

Below you will find a sample (not a definitive list) of our different types of resources that are included in JustMaths Online as part of our support package, the “JustMaths Crossover” but also for teaching other topics as prescribed by the DFE in this document . Many of the worksheets included as “extras” are also suitable for use in key stage 2 and 3:

Spot the Mistakes

These kind of activities are useful in assessing how much students understand following the teaching of a topic.


These worksheets involve students having to evaluate statements to decide who committed the crime and where and when it happened.

Follow Me

A “follow me” style worksheet that results in a statement to ponder or a further question to answer.

Top Trumps

Differentiated top trumps cards with three different levels. They can be used in the traditional way of Top Trumps or additional ideas are included.

Averages (0.7 MiB)

Exam Style Questions

These are available for every topic in the JustMaths Crossover along with solutions.

Mission Impossible

A mission impossible (they’re not really impossible!) themed w/sheet ideal as an extension or main activity (or even homework sheet).

Other worksheets

There are a variety of other worksheets that Mel produces to suit the topics.