As maths teachers we live and breathe what we do and understand the daily highs and lows of teaching every day, but more importantly we know what works in and out of the classroom.

The JustMaths team worked together at a school that went on the journey from National Challenge to “Most Improved School in England” which was a massive buzz! Having achieved these amazing results Seager and Mel wanted to show that they’re not one trick ponies and moved to pastures new together.

The proof came very quickly with stunning results in just one year and the school being recognised as being in the “Top 100 non-selective state schools in England”. As a result of these achievements the department was awarded “TES Maths Team of the Year” (2016). The judges agreed that:

“strong leadership, along with buy-in from the rest of the department, has not only invigorated teaching but also helped to transform outcomes … making the team a worthy winner of this year’s award.”

What a honeymoon period the first year was! The best maths results the school had ever seen and to top it off, a national award! If there was any doubt that they were a one off, 2016, 17, 18 and 19 saw equally stunning results. Headline measures, progress measures… you name it, we smashed it!

We know what we’re doing, but more importantly, we enjoy it!