NumeracySeager recently presented at the Edexcel conference (Excellence in Maths) and in addition to talking about intervention at KS4 he also spoke about Numeracy across the curriculum and the things we are doing to not only improve the numeracy skills of our students (and dare I say it ….. teachers … too late! I’ve said it!) but also to raise the profile of Mathematics in the wider school community.

I have attached his presentation here that shows what we are doing as a school – and I must give credit to our Head of English who has been one step ahead of maths in doing the same with Literacy across the curriculum. In fact Seager has copied almost everything the wonderful Mr Jordan has done, so serious credit to him for being the pioneer – which means we get to only use the good ideas after he’s trialled them. The one strategy that I think is going to go down really well with the students is the idea of becoming either a Numeracy Leader or Literacy Leader … I saw them all having their photos taken and had some banter with some of my students about them becoming leaders .. in literacy and not maths! They are going to love the metal pin badges that have been made – trust me! the picture doesn’t do them justice, as they are superb!


I’ve put this presentation, along with our numeracy policy and a numerical methods document  (tailored from something we found, so not all our own work) into dropbox (email me if you want access [email protected]) – this is slowly developing into more than just revision resources and is slowly being built up to include department policies and the like … so much so, that I may have to consider changing the name of it … suggestions on a postcard!