who dunnitLast night I had every intention of this worksheet (and solution)  being purely for standard form, but I got thinking about how teaching in discrete topics sometimes means that the students are able to demonstrate their understanding at that moment in time, but a couple of weeks later its gone! (its probably the same for every topic with some students) and this led me to put the attached worksheet together which is primarily rounding to one significant figure then leading to rounding involving standard form.

Significant figures was a topic I chose, as its something that I cant afford to give a whole lesson to (as we’ve done it so many times before) and I keep banging on to my students about the importance of making sure they know the difference between decimal places and significant figures, and for some reason my year students now find it funny when I say “sigfigs”. Every exam season there is at least 5 marks that are only awarded if the final answer is rounded correctly, and for some of our students this could be a grade boundary so is worth a reminder.