ANgle factsWe are nearly there!! The maths exams start and finish this week and then everything our students have worked towards is over. It is then, a waiting game until August – but we still have 8 hours of revision to get through – last week I taught the same topic 10 (yes 10!) times as the students did a carousel along the maths corridor with different topics, obviously tailored to the abilities  within each group … tomorrow its bearings and then Thursday will be decided after the exam on Tuesday when we will have an idea of what topics NOT to revise and more importantly some of the key topics that didn’t appear in the first paper.

In terms of my other year groups I’ve been doing revision for internal end of year exams and have had to prepare some cover lessons (as I’ll be doing revision lessons) so I’ve put the attached worksheet  together as one of the activities for one of my classes – along with solutions for the cover supervisor.