I promised to post a blog illustrating my new display – “Mrs Ms Maths Criminals”. The idea is that my year 11’s, after they have RAG rated and reviewed their assessment, they find the “one” thing that they know they should have gained full marks on and they admit their “crime”. I’ve changed the colour on the pics so that they are all black and white and added a border around each one, so that each one is a little like a wild west “Wanted” poster.


Participation was optional (I put a jokey disclaimer on the board too) but I’m impressed with how well they got into this and there was lots of “doh!” moments as they realised how easy it is to address the issue in their next assessment.

example crime

This is going to be an on-going thing with these groups this year, and I’m guessing some of them, will be ‘fessing up to crimes to make an appearance on my “wanted” board.

I’ve put together a template that you can use – warning!! it has my ugly mug on it!! Wanted 2