Vectors mainI’ve been teaching vectors with year 11 this week and whilst I have a snakes and ladders game that I use to get them started, any worksheets I’ve found usually comprise of exam style questions and they’re pretty boring looking. Don’t get me wrong I know they need to practice, (practice, practice!!) but sometimes its just a little bit “bleugh” for my liking so to finish the topic off I’ve put together a “whodunit” style worksheet … with a little homage to Despicable me.

There is the main worksheet where the students have to evaluate statements and then an accompanying sheet for the “where and when” with the geometrical questions on, which they’ll need to use too. I’ve also done a solution sheet, colour coding each statement as to whether it is right or wrong (I hope its right!! … PS: – it should be now”)  

 – Whoduunit sheet – Vectors whodunnit

– Accompanying sheet – here

– Solution Sheet – Vectors whodunnit – Solution

I just love teaching vectors! No seriously I do.