choc cakeI’ve been married for 20 years (before you say it, I’ll say it for you “Mel, you I don’t look old enough!”) and every couple of months we go to my mother-in-laws for Sunday lunch. It’s not that we’re not close but she was a house matron at Rugby school until Christmas and so was always “on call” and then in the holidays she’d bugger off abroad as soon as the last student was shoved in their parents waiting car. Usually we come back laden with food for the freezer, books for me to read and general goodies … and there has always been a chocolate cake! Well, yesterday was no different except my hubbie decided to tell her after all this time that he doesn’t like chocolate cake (me? I love it!) but what we’ve done since I came into teaching is that I’ve taken it into the staffroom to share (its only fair because she makes the BEST cakes in the world!). After this confession, it is probably going to be the last cake we get to enjoy … so I packaged it in my poshest cake tin (that doesn’t mean a lot by the way!) and this morning I was tempted to have a slice for breakfast but thought I’d leave it whole for everyone to see.

I took my bag to the car (you can guess where this is going can’t you?) and as I was about to put the cake on the front seat I managed to half drop, half catch the tin and the cake escaped and landed (well it sort of exploded everywhere!) on the driveway. I was already late and the last thing I needed was this! Apart from that my day has been uneventful … year 9 tests and year 11 mocks … so I’m marking (year 11 results are looking good!) and preparing for an observation tomorrow and all I can think about is chocolate cake!

Anyway my observation lesson tomorrow is fractions, decimals and percentages – nothing fancy and no gimmicks (apart from calling it EXTREME fractions, decimals and percentages, when there is nothing extreme about it, but its a bit of a joke with me and the group about how hard I can make them think!)  so I’ve put together a nice little whodunnit (here)  along with the datasheet (here) that accompanies it (thank you Twitterworld for checking it too!). Wish me luck! and I’ll let you know how it goes!