Not “that” kind of quickie. Mucky minds people!

This is a quick blog post as it doesn’t really fit into any of the other three posts that I currently have word documents open for … expect a deluge later today. I’ve also had a nightmare with a memory stick that means I’ve lost a load of units for a version of a scheme of work I’ve been working on (serves me right for thinking I was being smart!) and so I’m trying to remember what I wrote on them – not easy when you’re full of flu so I’ve not made much progress on that. I have a big job on today that must get done but hopefully normal service resumes next week and I get to have next Saturday at home without gallivanting across the country. YAY!!

So a quick couple of bullet points really:

  • We’re doing a md-term review with our “super group” – yes we teach 45-48 students in one room. It was very successful last year when we did it until Christmas when I took off some students and the remaining set below the “super group” was absorbed into the group. Anyway this (a copy can be downloaded here->  Year 11 – Mid Term Review ) review sheet has been combined with some formal comments from us, as teachers and I like the idea of a load of questions on the topics covered all on one side of paper – something about the layout doesn’t make it feel like a test (it isn’t used as one by the way!) we just want to prompt students into getting to understand the key topics.

mid term review

  • If you are part of our collaborative network at Alcester invites have gone out from Edexcel (remember you don’t have to be an Edexcel centre to attend) for the next meeting which is Friday 16th October starting at 12 noon and finishing at 3pm. We’ll be looking at some of the sample assessment materials from all the boards as the basis for meeting. Places are limited so if you do want to attend book your place early (FREE!) email [email protected]om as soon as possible. The network meetings are always jammed full and to be honest we’d love to make them bigger events but feel you lose the ability to talk and discuss ideas if there are too many people, We are however planning a free conference after Christmas but again places will be limited .. more on that soon too!
  • I’m also hoping later this week to announce a date for a meeting to discuss the new GCSE as part of the GLOW maths hub that I’m involved in (I know how ironic that sounds given how vocal I’ve been about the hubs) so watch this space … loads more to come on the power of collaboration on that one! We’re stronger together rather than working in silos.