So I’m sat waiting for my car to be serviced having driven 55 minutes last Saturday to be told I wasn’t booked in until today so the weekend so far is a success in my eyes! Now if I manage to achieve the next thing on my “To-do” list (a new loo seat! I am soooooo Rock n Roll!) then it will be a resounding success.

This week has been normal. By normal I mean busy. We started our programme of one to ones with year 11 the week before last which means getting in front of as many kids as possible as often as possible – don’t be a hater about if we’d got it right earlier on in their time with us, we wouldn’t need intervention! It’s the way it is – get over yourself and give us some credit – we know that, we aren’t idiots but we’ve some catching up to do having only started at the school 14 months ago!

Thursday night saw myself and Seager travelling up the M6 to Sefton, Liverpool for a “thing” on Friday (BTW he drives like an old woman!). We’d met Michael Fletcher-Hunt (LiNCS Leader for some high schools in the Sefton LA) last summer when he came to visit us at school and wanted to host an event sharing some of the ideas and good practice he’d seen. Pearson-Edexcel also agreed to support him with the endeavour and were showing off some of the new books and support they’re offering – I do like the Access to Foundation books by the way.. we may have snaffled a copy but shhh!!

I digress. So …. I get to Seager’s house. He’s running late. The postcode for the hotel was put into the satnav by him and off we went. Much later – did I already say he drives like an old woman? Anyone remember the film “Driving Miss Daisy”? – in the centre of a 6-lane road the satnav announces “You have arrived at your destination”. So it turns out that his sausage fingers had accepted the postcode for the centre of the city and not our hotel which was 14 miles away. The route corrected we were off again. The sky to our right was lit up and I asked if the lights could be Anfield … Seager’s response “it could be”. What gave it away was getting stuck in traffic with tens of thousands of fans flooding out of the stadium. Next time I’m driving!

Friday was a great day and thanks to my gaffer for allowing us to get out – the ethos of supporting other schools is pervasive at our place and I’m thankful that we aren’t working in isolation in the way that I know lots of schools and teachers do. My objective for these events is that people get at least (or even just one!) golden nugget from the day. Speaking to a teacher on our way out to be told “it is obvious you love your job – it really comes across” absolutely made my day. I do love what I do. I just have bad days but then doesn’t everyone? I do hope you’re sat there nodding your head right now.