Here in Warwickshire we’re in the shortest half term I have ever experienced – it’s a “4-weeker”. It hasn’t been helped by me being off sick today and yesterday for the first time in forever! My husband had enough on Sunday evening and forced the point with me, in no uncertain terms! He’s right (as usual!) that it does no-one any good going into work spreading germs and taking twice as long to recover if it could be shortened by stopping for a couple of days. Weeeelllll … his definition and my definition of stopping are different … so I’ve been thinking.

I”ve been thinking about ways to get students to do a “little bit of maths” every day and I saw an idea on twitter that looked like a desk organiser but on each day of the month was a maths question (now there’s an idea for a product that I know would sell!!). Anyway I’ve put the attached together for March (I know it’s the 1st already so I’m gonna tell the students that it’s a bonus day that they can do “just for fun”!!)

HereĀ is the file >-MARCH 2016 if you want to print copies (it’s ideal as an “A3-er”) for your own students or email it out to parents for them (the students, not the parents!) to do at home, in the final stretch to the year 11 exams.

March 2016 - pic