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I was meant to send out a reminder to the next Edexcel collaborative network meeting at Alcester Academy this morning but had a disaster to avert. It’s one of my “super powers” allegedly: I was woken up earlier than usual, to be told that we had no water – a new combi boiler and no water tank apparently means that we had nothing! You know you’re “grown up” when you know what to do in circumstances like this – basically you either ring your mum (I no longer have one) or you google it! I had it all under control but there was almost a point when I thought I’d be better off pretending I was at Glasto and was about to get the baby wipes out. I’d even considered glow sticks just to add to the ambience. However at the very last-minute before I needed to take drastic action the pipes started gurgling and I was saved!

Now after being woken early on the weekend to be told “Mel … I’ve got no clean socks” I’m wondering what the disaster will be tomorrow.

Anyway better late than never: For those of you that come to the Edexcel collaborative network meeting at Alcester Academy, the next ne is on Friday 14th October between 12 noon and 3pm. You don’t need to be an Edexcel centre to attend – they genuinely offer a great opportunity to meet with other HODs/teachers locally to get some updates from Pearson but also to do some much-needed networking. Unfortunately our event it isn’t on the Edexcel site to book a place yet so can I ask you to book by emailing [email protected] (and to be extra safe it would be worth also cc’ing [email protected] – Graham & Mark will be chuffed with bits me putting that bit in mwahahahaha … as long as you don’t copy me in!)




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