At about 8:30 this evening my conversation on the phone with my hubbie went a little like this:

Me: Hiya. I’m on the last leg of my train journey – should get in to Brum just after 9. Good day?

Him: Yep. You? (he’s not a phone person!)

Me: Yeah. Good. Not sure about this train thing. Think I prefer driving.

Him: The point was you could get some work done on the journey.

Me: Hmmm … I know. Just … its not as flexible as when you drive…  so what have you been up to on your day off?

Him: Not a lot .. you know .. ummm … (silence)

Me: Well anyway, I’ll see you in a bit .. won’t be long. Love you.

Him. Love you. Bye.

I’m going to come back to what happened after this conversation but first some context: As part of our secondment to the Edexcel maths team, myself and Seager are getting out and about supporting their collaborative network meetings and today I was headed to Blackpool … usually I drive but I thought I’d use the time wisely and “train it” up north so that I could do some work on the journey up. Driving to the station I had a sudden realisation that I’d left my shoes at home … I usually take them in the car and change from my sparkly converse trainers on arrival. Not a biggie I know! Given that today was the hottest day of the year what would be the worst thing you’d want to happen on a train journey? yep … no air conditioning in the carriage I was sat in! for TWO hours!! To be fair to the staff they were dishing out bottles of water to everyone but after another cross country pootle on a smaller train I arrived a little worse for wear but considering the journey the meeting went well.

The return journey started well … and as you know I spoke to my hubbie …  this is when it all went wrong. After saying goodbye, I packed my laptop and phone etc away and sat back for the last 10 minutes or so of the journey … I then WOKE up about forty minutes later having missed my stop at Birmingham International and was about 10 minutes from Milton Keynes!! Panicking I rang Rob and said that I’d fallen asleep and his first words were: “you weren’t snoring were you?” to which my response was “No … worse than that! I’ve missed my stop”. The thing is I never actually thought this happened to people – well now I know better!!

Anyway, I managed to get a train back up and I’m now home – albeit nearly 3 hours later than I should’ve been.  All is well, apart from the fact that I think my car now hates me and has decided to start flashing warning lights at me on the final final leg of the journey home which I’ll have to deal with tomorrow.

and … oh by the way … “not a lot” seems to be code for “knocking down the wall in the hall that we said we wanted to take out”