I’ve been trying to get organised ready to relax for a few days and have been sorting through emails too … I do like an empty inbox!! and that is not a euphemism … anyway I’ve found  a response from someone at TES resources to an email I sent after they removed one of my resources as it had a hyperlink to our website on. I must have missed the response at some point with the chaos over the last few weeks.

Apparently web addresses are allowed but they cant be included as hyperlinks … well, this gives me a dilemma … I am not going to produce resources for The Guardian and my own site with hyperlinks on and then reproduce the same thing without hyperlinks on for TES. Apart from that I don’t know how to convert to a PDF and  the hyperlink not to work on the PDF version – trust me, I’ve just wasted an hour of my life that I won’t get back. Thanks TES!

The frustrating thing is that within 1 minute of looking through resources on TES I found loads of resources that include exactly what my resources were removed for – in fact lots of them have in fact been recommended by members of various subject panels on there.

So … do I or don’t I continue to post on TES?? Who knows!!