October 2018

September 2018

A little every day – October 2018

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Below you will find two versions of the monthly maths calendar : Octobers "normal" version: - > Monthly Maths - October 2018 Octobers "number skills" version: - > Monthly Maths - October 2018 - Number Skills (Note that the original post containing the sheets for September can be found -> here and [...]

May 2018

The final countdown .. 2018

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In less than a week paper one will be done. I'm going to look into my crystal ball **coming all over "Mystic Meg"** and say there will be a twitter storm about either a certain question or a mistake on the paper or about how they were too hard/too easy and [...]

March 2018

RAG papers

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Over the last few months we've been working really hard to deliver something for maths teachers and students alike to use following the students completion of past papers.... Before that though .. a little background ... I've always gone through the papers after a test in a number of different [...]

December 2017

A little every day – JANUARY 2018

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I know. I know ... its VERY early but I've been asked about the maths calendar for January so that people can send it out / add  to newsletters etc before the Christmas break ... so here you go … calendar for January 2018 :  Monthly Maths - January 2018 [...]

September 2017

All change …

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I'm gonna start with an update ... and apologies for the inevitable way that this will sound self-congratulatory but I wanted to say thank you to everyone that sent me luck and wishes in sitting the new GCSE ... if you haven't heard I got a 9! Just in case [...]

August 2017

Results 2017 …

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It's been a while since I blogged; The main reason is that we've had this little man in the photo join us but seeing as I am sat here (once again!) unable to sleep I thought I'd write something. For some reason this years annual sleepless nights (I don't sleep [...]

July 2017

Thought I’d got away with that …

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It's Wednesday!! So .... today saw me heading up the M6 again to Eden Boys School in Bolton - before I forget ... BEST CAKES EVER!!! (Were I to grade my visits to schools based on the cakes this one is 10/10!! ... I don't do that though!! No ... [...]

May 2017

Just Saying Part 1: 2017

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Over the last couple of years I've written a couple of blog posts that I end up referring people to when faced with queries just to save myself repeating myself and this is one of them .. to be honest this one has been in my draft folder and I'm trying to [...]