January 2021

Ofqual consultation PART 1

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EDIT: Sorry for the length … I got a little carried away and have cut this into 2 blog posts! I’ve now been mulling this over for 24 hours as I didn’t want to blog about the consultation released by Ofqual on Friday afternoon in the heat of the moment. [...]

December 2020

Its Merry Christmas from him … and me too!

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If you don't follow Graham Cummings personal Twitter account (@MathsNot) you need to! Graham is genuinely one of the nicest blokes I know - he will freely share his expertise and I know how much the maths community welcome his insight and dare I say it ... his humour. Over [...]

May 2020

ITT Support …. Session 2

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Yesterday we finished the last of our initial series of free online support sessions for NQTs/ITTs. This was a series of 2 sessions … a sort of getting ready to teach the new GCSE. I've written about it in more detail on this post ... so this post is just [...]

March 2020

It wasn’t meant to be like this …

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This week was one of the hardest weeks of teaching I have known. I know I am not alone and every single person, regardless of your job title who works in schools or elsewhere has been affected. You don't need me to tell you the reasons behind it. The week [...]

July 2019

The end is in sight ..

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As the year end gets within touching distance it is all too easy to count the days and I try not to do this. - that's not to say I don't do it, I just try not to! Time will pass regardless and by counting the days to the next [...]

A little every day – June 2019

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Below you will find two versions of the monthly maths calendar : Junes “normal” crossover version: – > Monthly Maths - 30 - June 2019 - Crossover Junes “number skills” version (shown below): – > Monthly Maths - 30 - June 2019 - Number Skills The original post containing the [...]

October 2018

September 2018

A little every day – October 2018

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Below you will find two versions of the monthly maths calendar : Octobers "normal" version: - > Monthly Maths - October 2018 Octobers "number skills" version: - > Monthly Maths - October 2018 - Number Skills (Note that the original post containing the sheets for September can be found -> here and [...]

May 2018

The final countdown .. 2018

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In less than a week paper one will be done. I'm going to look into my crystal ball **coming all over "Mystic Meg"** and say there will be a twitter storm about either a certain question or a mistake on the paper or about how they were too hard/too easy and [...]