5 min planJust like every teacher I start each new year with some personal objectives; this year I am determined to be more organised, be more rigid with homework and to make my feedback and marking more effective (still not sure what that actually means though!). How long it lasts is yet to be seen!

Some years ago, as part of one of my early corporate jobs I was required to complete some kind of psychometric test and it basically said that my organisational skills left a lot to be desired (it even hinted at the fact that I may require admin support! the cheek!). I suspect that having been previously self employed I was used to doing things my way, and not having to adhere to arbitrary deadlines. I was, lets say, a little bit “whoosh”! However, this feedback actually did me a favour – at the outset I knew it was something  that I needed to focus on – I was also extremely lucky that the General Manager I reported to, was ex-military and organised to the extreme … I learnt so much from him, and can honestly say he was one of the best managers I’ve ever had.

Being organised is something I have to work at – it doesn’t come naturally – many of the people I work with are surprised at this as I do come across as efficient and very organised, but boy! its hard work. I don’t like paper!! Its an aversion to clutter and the fact that given a piece of paper I will generally lose it or never look at it again. I make no apologies its just a fact. We are however expecting “the call” early next term and as there is now no requirement to provide a formal lesson plan but show evidence of a planned lesson, I’ve put together my own version of the 5 minute lesson plan – here –  ( that I am going to include in my 2013/14 teaching folder I’ve set up (paper!!!! ergh!!!!). Its similar to the one put together by @TeacherToolkit but I’ve done it in portrait and adapted to the way I teach.

SOWThe idea of this folder, is that each class has a section, in which student details are kept, along with a copy of the “pathway” on the scheme of work that they are following so I know where I’m going in terms of medium term planning . We actually have quite a detailed department section on our VLE where we keep definitive copies of the SOW’s – I’ve shown it in the picture – and also the departmental handbook which details the way we do things – but want to have something that I can basically just pick up and show someone.

I’m not sure how long my good intentions will last but every new term is like a fresh start … wish me luck!!