I’ve mentioned before here how I used internal analysis from a previous exam paper to get the students to work independently on topics identified for them personally. We will be doing the same for some of our target students who will be retaking their exam in November – this time we will be using our Edexcel ResultsPlus template (I’ll be posting it on here and mailing out to those on our mailing list about lunchtime on results day).

Each worksheet includes a “How to” section with a worked solution, some questions for the students to work on of a variety of styles, some exam questions and a reflection section.

Non Calculator

Q1 – Manipulating decimals w/sheet
Q2 – Fractions and percentages w/sheet
Q3 – Stem and leaf  w/sheet
Q4 – Expanding brackets w/sheet
Q5 – Product of prime factors w/sheet
Q6 – Averages w/sheet
Q7 – Transformations … I’m not doing one for this – there isn’t enough room on one sheet for this topic!
Q8 – Estimation in context – w/sheet
Q9 – Multiples in the context of time w/sheet
Q10 – Algebra with shapes w/sheet
Q11 – Distance – Time Graphs
Q12 – Straight line graphs
Q13 – Bearings – no w/sheet due to scaling the image!
Q14 – Inequalities w/sheet
Q15 – Standard Form w/sheet
Q16 – Reverse Percentages w/sheet
Q17 –
Q18 – Simultaneous Equations w/sheet
Q19 – Indices
Q20 – Algebra with shapes – area w/sheet
Q21 – Cumulative Frequency – Again,  there isn’t enough room on one sheet for this topic!
Q22 – Similar shapes – w/sheet

Calculator paper

Q1 – Surface Area of cuboids w/sheet       
Q2 – Proportion w/sheet
Q3 – Scatter Graphs w/sheet                      
Q4 – Probability w/sheet
Q5 – Questionnaires w/sheet
Q6 – Proportional Reasoning w/sheet
Q7 – Ratio w/sheet
Q8 – Area / Price in context w/sheet
Q9 – Angle Facts – Parallel Lines w/sheet
Q10 – Trial and Improvement w/sheet
Q11 – Pythagoras w/sheet
Q12 – Solving equations w/sheet
Q13 – Coordinates and gradient w/sheet
Q14 – Compound Interest  w/sheet
Q15 – Quadratic graphs w/sheet
Q16 – Circle Theorems w/sheet
Q17 – Box Plots w/sheet
Q18 – Changing the subject w/sheet
Q19 – Factorising expressions w/sheet
Q20 – Trig – finding angles w/sheet
Q21 – Stratified sampling w/sheet
Q22 – Inverse Proportion w/sheet
Q23 – Upper and Lower Bounds w/sheet 
Q24 – Area of a triangle / Cosine Rule w/sheet
Q25 – Simultaneous Equations w/sheet