Yesterday I had to sweet-talk Sam (our site manager) into letting us in on Saturday morning – he is a hard man to negotiate with and we agreed that I’d get there for 7 (in fact I was there about 20 past … don’t lambast me people for being late but it’s Saturday!)  and I have to say it was really handy to get in there and actually get my backing paper up and also finally make a start on my displays. It has certainly taken off the pressure I was starting to wonder whether or not my room was going to be sorted for teaching on Tuesday!

Anyway, a few weeks ago I saw a picture from Clarissa Grandi (@c0mplexnumber) with a display of maths words – all with the vowels removed and I magpied it for later use – little did I know that her original inspiration was my Twitter mucca  Emma Bell (@El_Timbre). So thank you both for inspiring me!


NOTE: I know I’m missing the “i” and also need to include “A – C” underneath it …

It doesn’t look very exciting but having now been around the block a few times (no sarcastic comments!) I know it ticks lots of boxes, first and foremost a massive literacy one!

I have attached below the original words I used on excel, complete with vowels in one column and then the vowel-less words in the next column. This column was then mail merged into a word doc – it’s over 70 pages long with 270 words on it, which is why I’ve limited my display to the words beginning A to C (and I’ll update with D to something after Christmas). I have also changed the font ready for round 2 as I think the font I’ve used on my display is boring (so all I have to do is print each page onto different coloured paper) … as a result I’ve added the word doc as a pdf (and not word version) if you’re interested.

EXCEL – Vowel-less – words


PDF – ALL Words