October 2018

A little every day – November 2018

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Below you will find two versions of the monthly maths calendar : Novembers “normal” version: – > Monthly Maths - November 2018 Novembers “number skills” version: – > Monthly Maths - November 2018 - Number Skills The original post containing the sheets for October can be found -> here and the solutions [...]

February 2018

The Final Countdown

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And so it begins ... the final countdown ... For the last few years we've done a countdown to the exam in the form of weekly papers that we've sent direct to parents - along with markschemes and examiners comments and this year is no different. I try to use [...]

December 2017

Christmas Pub Quiz

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So the countdown to Christmas has begun but I'm a real grouch when it comes to getting all festive too early. The only concession I make is in my last lesson of every term I do a "pub" quiz. I even let the students choose who to have in their [...]

July 2016

Speeding violation

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I thought I'd share another great idea that has come from another subject - this time courtesy of GeographyBlog (on twitter as @Geoisamazing)  So I put a shout out for ideas as to what statements could go on a maths versions. Let's just say there were lots - whilst there [...]

More bunting

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So today I finally finished my exam marking. I whinge and moan about it but I genuinely think it helps me understand the requirements of GCSE better. In fact, this Summer I also marked KS2 and that was eye-opening but again, it gave me a better understanding of what our year [...]

June 2016

May 2016

October 2015

Keeping time …

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Just a thought ... yesterday was the first of our Saturday school sessions. As the first one, my plan was to cover 3 topics where I did a worked example on the board with them and then they got to work on similar problems themselves - nothing too exciting but [...]

February 2015

Two is the magic number

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I've been thinking a lot about misconceptions recently and also revisited a couple of old posts looking for stuff to use for revision when I came across my revision mat idea ( HERE ) that was produced using ideas that were "twitter-sourced" and it has got me thinking.  I really want to [...]