This will be the last post of 2014 and oh boy what a year is has been!

I’ve done the #nurture thing for the last two years and reading back on the previous efforts makes me cringe. I can’t believe how much has changed but also how much of me “as a teacher” … warts and all … that I have bared to you all. It’s a bit weird when you meet people and they mention the blog. Hey I know I put it “out there” but I still can’t believe that people read it. The following is therefore not really in the true spirit but will be “true to form” and a load of old tosh as it occurs to me (you don’t actually think I plan what I write do you?):

Highlights (in no particular order, and may also be “Notable” rather than the highest point of the year)

  • Spending time with my husband, best mate and godkids in Greece, London and as Vinnie (my godson) would say .. the world. One word: amazing! Love you all to infinity and beyond x
  • Another set of amazing results and the school I was working at, again being shortlisted for “secondary school of the year”. We didn’t win but didn’t need to in order to validate the success of the school. Having previously been National Challenge and then rising to “Most Improved School in England” in 2013 was recognition but teaching at the coal-face is about more than that kind of recognition. It is about the impact on the students in terms of opening doors to the next chapter of their life.
  • Saying goodbye to my year 11’s who I know were taking A level was devastating (and the rest of the group to be honest). My hand was forced when one of them overheard two teachers talking about it and so I bit the bullet as I wanted to tell the group myself. It was tough. The cards and messages I received mean so much to me. Of course I was going to miss my colleagues too!
  • Starting a new job along with my partner in crime Seager. We never saw that coming. The move was made for the right reasons and after a shakey start we are settling in nicely. Moving to a new school is ONE of the toughest things you will ever do! I think it is THE biggest thing that no-one will ever tell you! Let’s call it “education’s best kept secret”. I have had moments of doubting my ability and moments where I wanted to just walk away, but then this has been outweighed by some of the highest highs in terms of those “I nailed it” moments. I couldn’t have done it without Seager, just don’t tell him I said that!
  • Twitter continues to amaze me and provide me with ideas, support and access to 100’s (1000’s!!) of like minded people. I MUST at this point say a massive THANK YOU to twitter in general, but more specifically my geekclub members and even more specifically Emma Bell (she has been my shoulder to cry on and also the “one” I know will help me celebrate the successes … an inspiration!). You all continue to provide me with my “mojo”. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
  • JustMaths has gone from strength to strength and has become so much more than we had ever imagined and there is lots in the pipeline too especially as we work towards the new GCSE. We are living these changes with you and will be there to “hold your hand” ** Suppresses an urge to burst into song “I wanna hold your haaaannnddd”**. It’s been really rewarding to get asked to present at conferences and training events and there is more to come next year. Busy Busy!

In terms of 2015 I find myself thinking exactly the same as I did -> here  and I think that this year I have (in the main!) been the best I could be, but there is always room for improvement and so “ditto” for 2015. On that note I will give you a gift … the gift of time … take the 5 minutes you would have spent reading my waffling on and “go and do something more useful instead” (Ooh ooh “Why don’t you? theme song!! … google it if you don’t have a clue what I’m on about … use that 5 minutes I’ve just given ya).

Happy new year. I will be off out .. biggest night of the year for me. Yes! I am a cliché.


However if you are interested in my previous nurture posts you can find them here … would be interested to know if you think my writing has changed. Am I more/less open? Have I become more guarded?

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