ResultsPlusOnce again I’ve put together some templates for you to import your ResultsPlus data into if your students did the Edexcel 1MA0 series in June. It makes it easy to produce each students question level analysis on one sheet (rather than the, what seems like 100’s from the ResultsPlus service online!) for each student. Here are the instructions – > ResultsPlus Instructions – June 2015 .. its easy and takes seconds.

Version 2.0 with funky macros:

There is also an additional version with some extra functionality to print multiple sheets (the brilliant Paul Pavlou (@UKMathsTeacher) did some tweaking on my original ones – a couple of years ago. You must enable macros when asked on opening the two below – This “with macros” version  includes 2 “buttons” that allows you to create a tab for each of your students or to create the tabs and print them all off.

PS: Blown away by the response to last nights post … so much so I’ve come over all bashful .. but thank you!!