The “page to a sheet” of questions that I put together for March in this post, seems to have been very well received … let’s just say I have been “feeling the love”.

Furthermore (ooh get me!) I have attached the sheet for April for you to use or ignore -> Monthly Maths – APRIL. I actually emailed it out to the parents of both our year 10’s and year 11’s and the feedback from the parents last week at parents evening was fab! Feedback from the students was very much on a scale from fake (Well I like to think it was “fake) exasperation at thought of “more maths” through to expresions of “yippee”! (no really!). 

April 2016 - picThe plan is that next week I’m going to email out the April questions along with the solutions for March which you will find here -> MARCH 2016 solutions

The sheet for May 2016 will be along at some point during April.