periodic table

I saw a pic this week of an adaptation of the “maths” periodic table and so me, being me I asked if Claire would be happy for me to share …. yay!! She was!! … and has even done a little intro … so Ladies & Gents … from Claire Mazurkiewicz (on Twitter as @MrsMazzy) who is Head of Maths at The Trinity Catholic School in Apsley, Nottingham ..

Here is my A-level twist on the excellent periodic tables display resources.  I have always found it difficult to think of or find good resources for A level classrooms and they can often end up looking a bit boring, but I noticed an English version of this idea in our A level block and it got me thinking about creating a maths one.  I then came across the ones already on JustMaths and just tweaked them a little to create this one.  I hope people like it.  I think using bright colours helps!  If anyone wants to add to it, or alter the wording slightly feel free, I’m sure there’s a lot more we could add in.


periodic table 2