I am rubbish with knowing news that I have been sworn to secrecy with; When it comes to my hubby and friends they know not to expect too much at any celebration event because I’ve got myself in a right tizz about what they’ve got that I force them to open their pressies weeks before the event! When I’m on the receiving end of surprises I’m even worse – presents under the tree at Christmas are just too much temptation and drive me bonkers! I remember one year, as a kid, having an inkling that my mam had bought me a bean bag (that you sit on) – at the time they were “all the rage”! I began weeks of hunting high and low for it; after all, how hard can it be to hide one of these things? They were massive! It turns out that she’d hidden it up our disused chimney! I know!

I’ve just been reminded though, of how cool it can be when people aren’t told straight away. When we decided to get married 21 years ago (I joke about being a child bride but was actually 21 and it was a whirlwind romance with him moving into my flat after 3 weeks and we were married within 6 months!) we’d decided we wanted to do it abroad and to pay for it my hubby had decided he was going to sell his motorbike. It was listed in the Motorcycle News and his mother rang him to say someone had been to the house and wanted to buy it so he agreed. I then arranged to get the documents over to his mum and the deal was done …. or so he thought! On Christmas morning he opened his stocking I’d put together and after the obligatory socks, pants, Beano, chocolates and fifty pence piece he opened an envelope with the documents for his bike in! We would pay for it some other way and we did!

I am under no illusions that my current news will, in any way, bear any resemblance to “the bike” but all I’m going to do is point you in the direction of our new web page .. nothing more, nothing less … and please don’t push me for more details until we’re ready to reveal because I swear I am bursting to tell you all!


PS: Before you start guessing…

  • We are NOT sponsoring a new ride at Blackpool pleasure beach.
  • We are NOT holding an event at Drayton manor park and zoo which involves unveiling new ed minister in reptile house and new Ofsted with monkeys.
  • Seager is NOT pregnant and won’t be selling his story to one of the tabloids.
  • We have NOT written a play to rival Mousetrap.