I’ve updated my usual end of year “pub quiz” that I will be doing with my very last lesson with my groups. I’m a real grouch and generally try to keep them going as long as I can until I relent and do something “fun” … Anyway, i thought I’d share … there are 5 rounds with 10 questions in each round apart from the puzzle round which only has 9 questions. The puzzle round is based on questions from Matchstickpuzzles.blogspot which is a site I love for quick puzzles to throw on the screen if I find I’ve got a couple of minutes to spare and I’ll be printing off page 11 for the students to be able to draw on rather than trying to copy the images down.

This is the only lesson that I’d let students choose their own groups to work in – they always get the spiel about making sure that there is no one that isn’t included in a team and all my groups are good at this now, which is ace. They choose their team names which I will make sure are not offensive or sweary! I’ve learnt my lesson: in my first year of teaching the conversation with a group of students went like this:

STUDENT 1: Miss, its complicated so you just have to write it down

ME: Ok .. go on then

STUDENT 1: The first word is N … O … R… F … O … L .. K

** I’m now writing this on my scoreboard on the board next to my IWB**

STUDENT 2: yeah .. second word is “and” … as in A… N … D

STUDENT 1: and the third word is … C …

ME: this better not be rude!!

STUDENT 1: Nah miss, trust me … C … L … U … E

At this point I looked at the board and said “Norfolk and clue? I don’t get it”

STUDENT 2: You’re not saying it right miss …  it’s all one word really ..

Dear reader, just try it for yourself!! I am not going to explain it! Lets just say I chose the name for this group in every other quiz I did with them!! It was my first year of teaching in my defence … gullible!

The end is in sight! Another year done … we can do this!!

PS: For those of you that get this far there may be a “spoiler” on the last slide of the below PPT slides that I haven’t told you about yet … I will … when I’m ready! I promise!

Mrs Ms Summer Quiz 2017