We are facing uncertain times – if you do nothing else tomorrow at work tell your headteacher that they are appreciated – for some (most!) of them this week will have been amongst some of the toughest times they will have faced and it doesn’t look like it will get any easier soon. In fact tell everyone you work with that they are appreciated! Now is not to the time for gripes, now is the time to show what the teaching profession is capable of … and there is nothing better than seeing people pulling together and it is at times like this that teams form their closest bonds.

Teachers across the UK are all trying to put together plans for what is likely to get called “home learning” and we’ve been no different – I’ve already sent stuff to print because I know that for our most disadvantaged students online access will be troublesome and can’t be relied on and it irks me that the outcome could be stretching that gap even further! The things we are collating include a collection of the high frequency 1 and 2 mark question topics to help them secure the start of the papers and I’m also putting together another document with links / worksheets for the students to focus on 2 areas: (1) Revision topics that we feel need to be revisited following the recent mocks and (2) topics that students can look at to prepare for upcoming topics (assuming we do have some teaching time before the exams, again, making as assumption that they still go ahead).


This document I’m putting together also includes reference to the fact that I will be sending out RAG papers to parents shortly that is based on the students recent mock. Our RAG function generates alternate papers for them based on the questions they got wrong (you can exclude questions they got correct) and includes worked solutions and video support for the original question to help them correct their mistakes. Anyway for the foreseeable future we have arranged to give FREE access to this function to all students and teachers … (please note that not all papers are available for all the boards … Pearson/Edexcel is fully resourced though!)

To use it log onto JustMathsOnline and use the following details: User name = JustMaths and Password = JM2020 where you will find a tab at the top called RAG / Single entry. Clicking on this will give you/your students the option to choose the board / papers etc and enter their scores to generate their own “therapy” papers.

I have added a Powerpoint that you can use to show students what to do and a list of papers that are available can be found on this blog post

I promise its really easy to use:

Sincerely, we hope that in some small way that this alleviates the amount of work that teachers will be pulling together this week and that students find this useful.


On behalf of the JustMaths team!