Just a quickie ….

You may know I’m a fan of the Edexcel/Pearson collaborative network meetings – this term will be the first time in about 4 or 5 years that I’ve not been involved in the one at my “home” school but I’ll be attending lots of other ones up and down the country in my role as “credible specialist” with the Maths team at Edexcel – there are a few of us out there so I’m not special!

If you haven’t attended one (and YOU DON’T have to be an Edexcel centre!), in my view they are invaluable to keep up to date with changes but for also forging local relationships and contacts – they’re also free to attend! You can book a place through the training page or email [email protected] … I’ve included the dates and times below. The focus for this terms meetings will obviously very much be on the GCSE and giving people the opportunity to share successes and lessons learned but each network also sets their own agenda so check out the previous training page link for more details about a meeting close to you.

In terms of other support I have put together the crossover questions (with markschemes and worked solutions) that appeared on both tiers from the Summer. I won’t share on the blog as I know many of you will be using these papers for mocks so Graham is looking to put these on the emporium (if you’re a new teacher (or been teaching a while!) and you haven’t got a log in … get one! also get yourself on the mailing list for updates from Big G and his sidekick Mark!).  In other news … I’m loving my new job! More on that to follow … still as busy as ever!