So the countdown to Christmas has begun but I’m a real grouch when it comes to getting all festive too early. The only concession I make is in my last lesson of every term I do a “pub” quiz. I even let the students choose who to have in their teams (I know!!) BUT there is one proviso: I always make it clear that I expect them to look around the room and make sure everyone is included … reminding them that its not a nice feeling when you aren’t asked to be in anyones team and it always makes me really proud when I see some of the students asking people to join their team. Maybe the fact that I add the threat of never, ever, ever letting them choose their own teams EVER again has something to do with it … who knows!?!?

Anyway, I’ve updated my Christmas quiz and thought I’d share … Mrs Ms Xmas Quiz 2017 (give it a minute to download!) There are 5 rounds and some even have some “numbers” in them!!