I’ve been doing these for a while now and they seem to be well received so I’ve done some NEW ones for the next half term break – I’ll be printing them onto A3 with the solutions on the reverse for them to check their own work and giving them out to my year 10’s tomorrow morning. My year 11’s will be getting our “not a best guess” papers on Friday (I’ll post them on JMOnline and on the blog too!) so I haven’t forgotten them,

For those JustMaths’ers (i.e. those of you that access JMOnline) I’ve put the versions that have the answers on in the teacher toolkit (extras/revision & exam prep/holiday homework) … I’ll be getting the “Crossover” version up tomorrow … ’tis late! Like before I’ve done versions with a simple font too for those of you that feel the funky font is a step to far!

KS2 versions (both with solutions) 

Foundation tier (versions with solutions are available on JMOnline)

Crossover (versions with solutions will be available on JMOnline on Weds evening)


Higher tier (versions with solutions are available on JMOnline)

As always … may or may not be useful. You decide whether they work for you!