Following paper 2 today I’ve been busy putting these papers and lists together using exam board questions (I’m not an examiner so I want my kids practicing “real” questions at this stage) …  based on conversations/emails with Seager so once again this is a joint effort … someone on Twitter made a comment about those of us that are producing these kind of things and its put my back up … I have been (and will continue to be) one of the first people to challenge anyone that calls their paper a “prediction” and its fab to see the use of the word “prediction” is waning a bit … I think we’ve done pretty well with our results over the last few years (remember I’ve been working with Seager for nearly 10 years up until Sept) and I’m not convinced that we would be prepared to call anything we produce a prediction at this stage ….. there have only been two bloody sittings …Seriously, I am genuinely really interested in the credibility of some people that have the gall to call their papers “predictions” without some form of health warning. Its just bloody dangerous!! .AAAANNNND breathe!!! 

Soooooooo … to clarify, the reason for producing these is that the students have to be doing SOMETHING and “some” students, if they had their way, would do NOTHING … and that’s not acceptable and so I would prefer to provide some guidance as to what they “could” be doing between papers rather than doing nothing … if you have an issue with that DON’T USE THEM …. its simple really (and that’s me being polite to you!) and to those of you that are producing stuff and sharing … I salute you! 

For Edexcel there is a topic list and also 3 practice papers (with m/schemes and examiners reports) with papers 1 to 3 mainly for the Foundation kids but could be used for the Higher tier students too … paper 3 is then Higher tier only. 

In addition to the above I’ve been sent the two below papers from Lindsay Coren who is Head of Maths at St Lukes in Devon which may be useful for even more practice .. remember! To revise maths you have to “do maths”: 

In terms of AQA, I’ve only done one paper for each tier but also a topic list (solutions to follow tomorrow!) :

In terms of OCR, I’ve only done one paper (one that’s suitable for both tiers really, and the other just for H tier) with markschemes and also a topic list: 

I have already put these on the JMOnline in the teacherstoolkit / extras / revision and exam prep and also the students “final countdown” tab.  

As usual, may or may not be useful.

I may come back and edit my rant tomorrow … its been a long day and I’ve done 240 miles in the car too!