I’ve been doing these maths calendars now for over 2 years and they seem to be well received, however I’m conscious that they’ve been aimed at the middle attaining students so I’m going to start including one that is just “number” skills based for those students that could do with practicing their basic skills. 

So … below you will find two versions : 

Monthly Maths – September 2018

Monthly Maths – September 2018 – Number Skills

The number skills one looks like this: – 

As always (so don’t ask me when they’ll be done!!) ‘ll post the solutions towards the end of September when I do the ones for October. 

Those of you that are “on the ball” will have noticed that I didn’t post Augusts calendar this month ( I did put on JustMaths online though – as I have done with these ones already!) so if you need to “complete the set” you will find it below: 

Monthly Maths – AUGUST 2018