I’ve written before about “the final countdown” that we have in place in the lead up to the exams so I’m not going to go over old ground and will cut to the chase! I’m also not going to have a rant about people making so called “predicted papers” … It worries me that certain groups of students will take it as face value and only focus on those topics. That’s a massive risk I’m not prepared to take! Instead I want students to do one thing … practise! practise LOTS!!

So, as we’ve done in previous years, together with Seager (so he needs to get some praise too!) we’ve put together lists of topics that haven’t yet made an appearance for each of the boards (they were made available in the teacher toolkit of JustMathsOnline yesterday afternoon) and also some practice papers. It was lovely handing these out to the majority of our students this afternoon together with a couple of members of the maths team I’d ambushed – all the students I spoke to – even the ones I don’t teach – were really grateful of some focus areas. The list is also being emailed out to parents and put on SMH … I am leaving no stone unturned!!

Instead of “best guess” papers you will also find “Bumper” practice papers (OCR is on its way bear with me!) of which there are 2 versions :

  1. “suitable for both tiers”  albeit the start will just be practice for your higher tier students and they should be aware that the really easy stuff won’t appear on the Higher tier but it’s good practice for them.
  2. Higher tier only” … just that really … questions that are aimed at the Higher tier only.

For Edexcel: 

In addition to the above I’ve been sent the two below papers from Lindsay Coren (please follow on Twitter!!) who is Head of Maths at St Lukes in Devon which may be useful for even more practice .. remember! To revise maths you have to “do maths”:

For the Edexcel International GCSE, Manpreet Sambhi (who you need to follow on Twitter!!) sent me the below practice papers which I have already sent to my goddaughter who is sitting this exam! (hence my interest!)



I will be doing similar for paper 3 .. and have already put these on the JMOnline in the teachers toolkit /essentials and also emailed out telling JM’ers that they would be available. To you guys .. please note bespoke sheets for breakfast/last minute lessons / revision will be available early next week ready for the week after half term!

As usual, may or may not be useful.