Yesterday we finished the last of our initial series of free online support sessions for NQTs/ITTs. This was a series of 2 sessions … a sort of getting ready to teach the new GCSE. I’ve written about it in more detail on this post … so this post is just to share the resources I mentioned in session 2.

Powerpoint slides. 


Please note that its all about context and what was said to support these slides. I have also included some additional questions at the end as a bit of fun showing the performance on some of the Pearson / Edexcel questions from previous sittings (we’ve used them in some of the collaborative network meetings previously) in a sort of Higher/Lower way … see if you can guess the percentage of students that got the questions correct. I hope Pearson don’t mind me including these!

Exam Specifications for all the awarding associations: 

Pearson Edexcel Specification

AQA Specification

OCR Specification

Eduqas Specification

Pearson/Edexcel Getting Started guide


I said in my sessions this is by far the best summary document I’ve seen and I stand by that. There may be a newer version but this is the one that I have in my briefcase and is so dog-eared now that I probably should update it. There is also a post 16 version on their website if you are going into an FE setting.

We are likely to run the same sessions again over the next few weeks and also considering offering other sessions not just aimed at NQTs … probably one or several of them will be about preparing year 10 as they go into year 11. Just waiting for the announcements about the exit plan from lockdown to look at timescales.

If you are interested in any of these sessions drop me an email ([email protected]) and I’ll pop your email in a folder so I can let you know any further details as we firm up the plans.