June 2017

‘Tis done

2017-07-02T19:57:02+01:00June 14th, 2017|AQA, DFE, OCR, Ofqual, WJEC|

So paper 3 is done and dusted. 'Tis done. 'Tis finished. At just after 10:30 am this morning I could almost feel maths teachers everywhere breathing a massive sigh of relief. (I promise I will write up my experience of sitting the exam as an external candidate but time ... [...]

April 2017

WJEC/Eduqas takeaway menus and MORE ..

2017-07-02T19:57:03+01:00April 23rd, 2017|Blog, WJEC|

Please do read on ... whilst most of you won't offer the WJEC qualification you'll find some links to some fab resources - I must say that the one good thing about all these changes is that the exam boards have certainly upped their game in terms of what support [...]

January 2016

December 2015

November 2015

An early Christmas pressie

2015-12-20T23:14:30+01:00November 29th, 2015|AQA, Edexcel, NEW GCSE 9-1, OCR, WJEC|

You may remember that I did some work collecting questions "by topic" on the new SAMs and practice paper. Well ... now I know that I should have sought permission to use them from the exam boards (I have to say in my defence that it didn't occur to me [...]

October 2015

August 2015

Bore da!

2016-12-11T22:33:06+01:00August 24th, 2015|Blog, NEW GCSE 9-1, WJEC|

For the uninitiated amongst you that is pronounced “Borra da” .. Think about how some dialects would say “have you got a tenner I can borra Da?" when asking their Dad for a tenner. It means “good morning” in Welsh. I know its evening … I meant to publish this [...]

July 2015

WJEC Eduqas 9-1 SAM’s

2015-07-15T18:43:42+01:00July 15th, 2015|WJEC|

Last set done - this time the WJEC ones. Given that each paper is 2 hours 15 minutes these are just loooonnnnggggggg!! Let's just say that I'm glad its still 2015 because at one point I had to check! (cue Julia with some funny comment about how good my beard is looking) I [...]

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