Last set done – this time the WJEC ones. Given that each paper is 2 hours 15 minutes these are just loooonnnnggggggg!! Let’s just say that I’m glad its still 2015 because at one point I had to check! (cue Julia with some funny comment about how good my beard is looking)

I have also split the big document down into separate papers and popped them into the dropbox LINK HERE along with the materials from the other boards too …

WJEC Eduqas Foundation 1

WJEC Eduqas Foundation 1 – solutions

WJEC Eduqas Foundation 2

WJEC Eduqas Foundation 2 – solutions

WJEC Eduqas Higher 1

WJEC Eduqas Higher 1 – solutions

WJEC Eduqas Higher 2

WJEC Eduqas Higher 2 – solutions