I’m looking at getting my classroom displays sorted and I came across the PowerPoint put together with letters of the alphabet – each with maths words starting with each letter (not sure who put it together but its fab! so Thank You! and if it was you can you let me know so I can give you the credit you deserve!) and when I was looking at it I thought I’d use the content as bunting across my classroom. In the Summer our school governors treated the staff to an old fashioned tea party, complete with bunting and I loved the idea – it was so very pretty and girly! As it turns out Jessica Hocking (@tweetinghock) had tweeted the idea back in May and Hannah (@missradders) has blogged about making a similar thing here, both with maths pictures on rather than the words but the principle is still the same, so hat tip to both of you … I’m not claiming its an original idea!

Anyway I’ve adapted the alphabet powerpoint so that there are triangles for the bunting and rather than having printed patterns I’ve used purple font and the patterns come from the different coloured paper (and patterned craft paper) which I printed it onto (rather than spending a fortune on printer ink) I’m now going to hole punch the top of each one a couple of times and thread ribbon through it to get the bunting effect. I love it and think it looks fab! and for those of you that wanted the file … Bunting Alphabet

In addition to this, I’ve done some T-shirts with the numbers -10 to 10 on and again printed on a variety of coloured papers. (the file for this is here …I’ve put as a PDF so that you have same the font I used Football jersey number line). These will be put up on a clothes line with pegs across the front of the classroom rather than the traditional number line. I was originally going to make a bunting number line but decided that it was all a bit girly and I needed to mix it up a bit. I have however attached the number line bunting file (Bunting Numbers for number line)

T shirts

All in all, a good start but absolutely nothing for my masses of display boards .. oh well tomorrow is another day!