bandb2We’ve just started using the bread and butter starters (here is the link  to my original POST ) with our year 11 “super group” and it got me thinking about how I could do something similar with years 7 and 8, so that by the time the students get further up the school they are used to the routine and also get regular practise with their basic numeracy skills.

So this evening I’ve put together some “basic sums” style bread and butter worksheets that will keep those basic skills fresh. I’ve put together 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3 – so there are 3 sheets in a cycle – and also the second and third sets too. With the KS4 bread and butter sheets I used all three in a week but I’m not sure that’ll be the case with years 7 and 8 as I’m still gauging what they do and  don’t know from previous teaching and also what I can get away with: today my set 1 in year 7 were introduced to the fact that you can have negative and fractional indices (!!) and we did some work with the laws of indices .. I think I was pushing my luck there a tad towards the end but they loved it.

PS: I’ve already put them in the “extras” tab at the top of JustMaths online and any new ones will get added soon too!

Week 1:

KS3 – Bread and Butter 1.1

KS3 – Bread and Butter 1.2

KS3 – Bread and Butter 1.3

Week 2:

KS3 – Bread and Butter 2.1

KS3 – Bread and Butter 2.2

KS3 – Bread and Butter 2.3 

 Week 3:

KS3 – Bread and Butter 3.1

KS3 – Bread and Butter 3.2

KS3 – Bread and Butter 3.3