Below you will find out “Best guess” papers for the higher and foundation tiers for the LINEAR Edexcel Mathematics GCSE paper 2 after half term.  

Just to reiterate what I’ve put on the front page of the paper, specifically the Higher tier – the paper is made up of topics that we believe are worth revising prior to paper 2 (Edexcel Linear) and as with all these things there are no guarantees and are our “Best Guess” for all higher tier students. This is meant to act as a practice paper and not meant to emulate the real thing – the order of the questions are not intended to act as a guide as to the level of difficulty as we’re approaching this in such a way that anything less than 100% means they need to do some flipping work!

As our focus has and will always be those tricky borderline students – we know that we shouldn’t try to be “all things to all people” so are focussing on what we know, and this why we have specifically left out those top end topics – we have however found that these top end kids need to “nail” these topics to gain access to the higher grades. It is these students that SHOULD get 100% without breaking into too much of a sweat and hopefully the practice will stop them making those silly mistakes that lose them precious marks.

The foundation paper is much more straight forward!

SOLUTIONS (I don’t do “markschemes”, as such but you will find written solutions)

You will find solutions for the higher tier HERE which have been done by my Twitter BFF, the marvellous Emma Bell and you can find solutions for the Foundation tier from Ben Tanner by clicking HERE.

I apologise in advance for any mistakes but have tried to eliminate them and will correct any that I find.

Best Guess Higher v2

Best Guess Foundation


The amazing Dawn Denyer  has put together some video solutions to the Higher tier paper and you can get them using the below links:

Q1 Q2

Q3 Q4 Q5 Q6

Q7 Q8 Q9 Q10

Q11 Q12 Q13

Q14 Q15

Q16 Q17

Q18 Q19

Q20 Q21


Q23 Q24

Q24c Q25

Q26 Q27


Q29 Q30

Q31 Q32

Q33 Q34

Q36 Q37

best guess 3