I thought I’d share another great idea that has come from another subject – this time courtesy of GeographyBlog (on twitter as @Geoisamazing

speeding1So I put a shout out for ideas as to what statements could go on a maths versions. Let’s just say there were lots – whilst there was concensus on most of the statements I thought it would be better if I made a version that could be adapted according to what people wanted with a basic collection of statements to get people started. Don’t get me wrong – this isn’t something to replace marking or talking to students but it’ll inject a bit fun …oh hang on … that isn’t what I mean actually. I see these as something I’ll use to make a change from the nagging about “showing working out” etc that sometimes falls on deaf ears – I think it must be like white noise to some students and they just become oblivious to it. So, for me it will be a way of pointing out the usual moans and groans in a different format .. sometimes dressing up the “obvious” in an unusual way gets the message to sink in.

Thanks Geographyblog for the idea!! I’ve attached a Word Version that you can change the statements on and also a PDF version:

speeding 2