Mid Week Update

I was away last night having travelled to Margate as I had a 9am meeting – come to think of it, so far Seager has managed to wangle local visits!! hmmm … oh well … I’ll chuckle to myself this Friday when he is off “oop North” to do some stuff with Amir at Dixons Trinity (**waves**). I arrived in Margate in the dark and it was late so I did what any normal person does when in a hotel on their own. …. I published a blog post of course!

Following a fantastic meeting – I started my reverse journey home and on the final train I rang my hubbie and the conversation went a little like this:

Me: Hiya. On my way home.

Him: Cool. Good day?

Me: Yep very good. Trekked across London last night and didn’t get lost once – you must remind me next time not to take my marking if I’m having to carry it, in addition to my laptop and clothes.

Him: hmmm nutter! How was the hotel?

Me: Yeah good. Boring and I miss my own bed but I posted a blog about my Ofqual thing.

Him: Yeah I saw it.

Me: I do worry though that I may be antagonizing people and maybe one day, men in black suits will turn up at the door and I’ll disappear (**I was laughing at this point by the way**).

Him: Well, can you dig out the life insurance documents so I know where they are this weekend? … just in case.

Me: Yeah no worries. Chip shop for tea?

I share the above because I do sometimes wonder if I am being a royal pain in the ar5e to the powers that be? But then I ask myself … if not me then who? It’s just not in my nature to “just accept” stuff at face value.

If nothing else, it’s provided me with some blog fodder and I’m now looking forward to our conversation next week on my way home from Widnes (we don’t just speak to each other when I’m on trains! Just thought I’d better drop that in!) I’m supporting one of Pearsons collaborative network meetings – I’ve said before that these events are fab for sharing ideas and networking with other local schools and I strongly believe this. Next week “we” are at two of them as part of the secondment from our “day jobs”:

  • Wednesdays child (me) will be at Wade Deacon High School, Birchfield Rd, Widnes WA8 7TD – 2:30pm to 4:30pm (5th October). This is a new hub so if you’re local, come along and see what you make of it!
  • Fridays child (Seager) will be at KES in Sheldon Heath, Birmingham – 9:00am to 11:30am (7th October).

Want to attend these or any future events? They’re free and you also don’t have to be a Pearson centre! Email [email protected]

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