Year 7 Resits – Calling all bloggers!

bloggersWhilst we are waiting for the promised consultation on the year 7 resits (now being called progress tests!) I am going to try to persuade as many “bloggers” (I still don’t consider myself one of those … I’m a teacher!) as I can, to write a blog post (or should that be “another” post because so many of us have already written about this numerous times) about their views on these tests. The thing I don’t want, is for everyone to write about it at the same time because it will be like the usual edu-frenzy where we end up with a glut of posts all at the same time and then … tumbleweed.

I know the wonderful Sue Cowley (It’s OK that I’m a little star-struck right?) is raring to go so that’s a start! What I’m looking for, is a sustained “raising awareness” campaign to get the message over – actually you may be one of the few that are in favour of the tests so if you have a blog I’m also looking for your views too. What I would ask though is that we don’t all blog at once – if we want those making the decision to take notice we need to keep the momentum going.

Interested and prepared to write a post on your blog? Do it … but hold off pressing “publish” – could I ask (nicely) that you are mindful of timing, maybe check the hashtag (yep I’ve made that up!) and if there hasn’t been a post about them for a couple of days, or so, then press publish. I was going to suggest some form of spreadsheet where we sign up for specific dates – yes I know – It IS a little over the top – maybe I’ll keep that for when the consultation is published and we’ll need to ramp up the pressure a notch or two to engage the general public as well as teachers! (just humour me and say “yes Mel, a spreadsheet sounds like a great idea”)

Don’t have a blog? I’m sure others would be happy for you to write a guest post … or email me ([email protected]) some “words” – preferably words in the right order so that they make sense! and I’ll post them on mine. The more the merrier!

So with no further ado … on your marks, get set … go! Start writing!

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