Last Thursday saw me and Seager driving to the proposed venue for our “thang” next June and he only went and got us lost again!! We eventually arrived safe and sound … and also late!

Our visit involved confirming that the venue could hold the number of people we’ve got in mind and to also firm up the outline plans for the day. As it turned out our extensive research involved running around like nutters but the upshot is that we are now very excited …

The journey that maths teachers up and down the country will be going on over the next 8 months (need I say that it’s been a “roller-coaster” over the last 2/3 years with these new GCSEs) has been our motivation in wanting to put on an event that combines serious CPD with kicking our heels back which is why ALTON TOWERS is the ideal location for 100’s of maths teachers to get together. We’ve specifically chosen a date after the GCSEs have finished so that we can take some time to look at what went well and the lessons learned for the next sitting of these new specs.

As the date gets closer we’ll reveal more details and suprises (of course there’ll be plenty because after all this is JustMaths!!) but BOOKING IS NOW OPEN!! Click HERE for more details!