Me and the boys met this week to start thinking about specific details for the June conference at Alton Towers – during this meeting I just sat thinking “what will Seager get us doing this time?”. Every school I’ve been in does those teacher skits at the end of the year and I hate them (I also feel uncomfortable watching them for some reason)  … I always politely (or not so politely!) decline to be involved and then always feel like a killjoy. Its just the idea of deliberately doing silly stuff makes me cringe and feel physically sick at the thought. I remember the only thing I did had taken me a year to build up the courage to do it and I only did so because it was the year my first tutor group were leaving school and I also had a lot of respect for the year head that I’d worked with, but boy! I was nervous for days leading up to the performance (and I hid at the back of the stage!!)

Maybe I’m weird but I don’t feel particularly comfortable about the attention. It’s ironic really, given that I’ve been blogging for so many years and have bared some particularly personal thoughts and feelings on here  … but this is different. I never imagine that anyone is reading this (and in the early days no one did!) and by the time I’ve written something my mind has already moved on to the next thing on my to-do list.

All of this is a pre-amble to me sharing the below clips that we used to open the conference last year … given my reticence I am surprised how much fun we had doing it – we genuinely spent hours just giggling and the end product didn’t really enter my thoughts. It was such a big decision about what music to open the day with – in reality the discussions were like we portray but over many, many, many weeks. The end result is hysterical … not polished – a bit like us really  … keep an eye out for the stuff that accumulates on the table.

EDIT: My swearing isn’t that bad!!! He makes me sound like I’m Sweary Mary!!