It’s my birthday weekend and here I am giving away stuff !!

I’ve done the drawer for the 10 free tickets to our conference -> I think I have a little bit of OCD about this whole thing and want everyone to know that it’s all above board – I’ve sat and cut out lots of slips from my spreadsheet that I’ve been adding peoples names to as I’ve been contacted and this morning I pulled them out of a box (my hat wasn’t big enough!!) … You’ll have to forgive the photos but I’ve dropped my iPhone smashing the screen and I think its affected my camera lens too! … anyway … with no further ado … the winners are:

1… Vicki Maguire – via Twitter

2… Louise Santos – via Facebook

3… Laura @blacklaceknits – via Twitter

4… Japleen Kaur – via Twitter

5… James Steele – via email

6… Dawn James – via email

7… JHE – via Twitter

8….  Mr Russell – via Twitter

9… Richard Wayman – via email

10… Laura Walker – via email

If you haven’t been lucky you can still book tickets by completing an order form that you can find on our conference page … tickets are going really well and we still have just under three months to go so you’d better get a move on!!