I never know how to start these blog post things when Mel lets me loose on here (To be honest … I don’t even know how to post on here so I’ve asked her ladyship to do it so I dread to think what changes she’ll make to my original text!) … (MEL: Trust me Seager. Trust me I won’t make you sound like an idiot!! MWAH HA HA … The Power!!)

In June 2017 we managed to pull off a sell out conference at Alton Towers with over 250 teachers and even had a waiting list! We were amazed at the response given that we are “just” teachers and don’t organise conferences for a living (the feedback about the organisation of the 2017 conference was amazing though so we must have done something right (MEL: That will be down to Seagers OCD about organisation … I am making him promise not to take a stopwatch this year!) but I suspect that is the attraction … what we do is all about being teachers, the trials and tribulations and I think that is really important. We understand what it’s like being in the classroom … day in … day out … and we do a pretty good job in terms of delivering results too! (MEL: I think its more than “pretty” good … waiting for subject P8 scores to be published in Jan!! … but I’m a lot less modest than you are!) If I were Mel, right now I know she’d waffle on about us being “for teachers, by teachers” but I’m not Mel and those that attended will know that I was slightly obsessed with the quality of the lunch and giving out loads of prizes. (MEL: Yep I concur. I know for a fact that you gauge the quality of any training you’ve ever attended on the quality of the scoff you were given! Just get to the point!)

Anyway, we can now confirm that we’ve opened booking for our JustMaths 2018 conference and having opened to last years attendees for priority booking a few weeks ago tickets are already flying out of the door. We listened to the feedback (yes, we read every single one – check out this page to see more about the June 2017 event) and it was felt that the location (for most people) was convenient and facilities were excellent so the plan is head back to Alton Towers on Monday 25th June. Closer to the date we’ll confirm timings of the day – the focus for the day will be on KS4 and the GCSE exams – we’ve already secured Craig Barton to deliver a session and myself and Mel will also do a session (I can’t believe how many of you wanted this from the feedback .. it must be my dazzling personality! MEL: I added that last bit … he wouldn’t really say that! At least not “out loud”!) In addition we’re going to make sure that there are some extra screens for further back in the room and also make sure that there is more movement, in terms of getting around and “doing some maths”.

We are genuinely excited and hope to have some truly fantastic developments to unveil too … watch this space!

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MEL: Now get off my blog!!