As usual I’m sharing excel workbooks that you can use to analyse your cohort level data from Edexcels ResultsPlus … unfortunately these ones don’t have the “multiprint” option (…yet! … I’m working on it!) but I’ve put a blank version in the workbook too as we’ve always printed the blank versions off and got students to fill them in when we use papers for internal assessments as I’m sure these papers will be used by lots of people as mocks next year! What I’ve also done if you want to input the data and produce the sheets for your students yourselves I’ve put some conditional formatting on the sheets for each specific paper so you can see how your groups have performed on certain topics too.

I’ve also managed to get hold of the format of the download data from Emma Bell for the Foundation tier and so between us (she did most of the work to be honest!) I can also share QLA sheets for the Edexcel legacy papers … (Higher tier is now added below too!)  … Now … if you want to really help out our colleagues in FE for your students that got a grade D who will be having to resit the new GCSE it might be worth printing off a copy and sending to your ex-students saying that their tutors in college may find the information useful!

Any finally, on the basis that we’ve never asked teachers to input question level data (I’m not saying there is anything wrong with it but I’m just not convinced it adds value and I find students get so much out of actually doing it themselves but “each to their own”) I’ve also put together some manual sheets that may be of use if you’re going to be using the 9-1 AQA papers …. (I’ll also try to get OCR done at some point!)


I am also adding versions below for AQA that include instructions to produce QLA from the download from their systems …


Below you will find versions for the OCR Summer papers.