margaritaI’ve been working through the papers from all the exam boards – I find it easier to use worked solutions rather than a mark scheme so thought I’d share.  I have also split the big SAM document into separate documents if you prefer them in that format.

There is one spelling mistake … on the pizza question Pearson appear to have invented a new flavour: margarita … personally I prefer margherita pizza but I’m quite partial to a margarita when sat on a hot sunny beach somewhere or out with my girlie mates (yes! I do have mates!!).  I am sure I’ll find something to rib the other boards about too .. so I’m not picking on Pearson here … 

Things to note that have been changed from the previous version according to the “blurb” …

  • improved the clarity of language and readability  (MEL: in short that means the papers have been through a “language expert”) ;
  • formulae sheets have been removed – formulae will be provided to students in the question if required (MEL: You probably have got the formula poster from either them or AQA .. to be honest I think both are pretty boring and I’ve added to my “nice to have” list to do over the Summer to make a “funky” version … no offence guys but I want something pretty on my classroom walls!)
  • the Foundation tier includes more questions targeting the lowest grades and
  • the number of questions with a large number of marks, particularly at Foundation tier has been reduced (MEL: this is noticeable and means that there are lots more 2 and 3 mark questions … me likey!!).
  • You may also notice that they have reintroduced the answer lines.

Edexcel Foundation 1

Edexcel Foundation 1 – solutions

Edexcel Foundation 2

Edexcel Foundation 2 – solutions

Edexcel Foundation 3

Edexcel Foundation 3 – solutions

Edexcel Higher 1

Edexcel Higher 1 – solutions

Edexcel Higher 2

Edexcel Higher 2 – solutions

Edexcel Higher 3

Edexcel Higher 3 – solutions

Next up AQA, OCR or Eduqas … I’m enjoying doing the maths!