OCR 1-9 SAM’s


UPDATE: I have also included separated practice papers and worked solutions in the below post that OCR have published this week. They are also in the dropbox link along ( HERE ) with all the others.

Having previously put my worked solutions to Edexcels SAMs ( POST HERE ) today’s offering is my worked solutions to the OCR papers – again I’ve split them up from being on two documents so that each paper is separate. I am trying to be equally glib about all boards’ papers so don’t take my comments too seriously … OCR Maths team you know I love you all .. especially young Mr Macey!

When working through them I noticed that the “non calc” paper is paper 2 unlike Edexcel and AQA that have both gone for paper 1 as the non-calculator… it’s just worth noting so that you don’t feel like a right muppet when you realise that you could have used a calculator (not that it didn’t happen to me!….. honest!)


According to their blurb:

  • More manageable values in some of the questions ( MEL: I am assuming this means they have simplified some of the calculations? )
  • Improved readability with clearer and reduced wording ( MEL: Jumping on the “less words” bandwagon?!? … has anyone ever counted the words on each paper to do a comparison? … I might just do it when I get a “spare” few hours! )
  • More accessible for all with an initial step added to some questions  (MEL: I noticed some of the tougher questions had some scaffolding and this should make them more accessible to some students )

OCR Foundation 1

OCR Foundation 1 – solutions

OCR Foundation 2

OCR Foundation 2 – solutions

OCR Foundation 3

OCR Foundation 3 – solutions

OCR Higher 1

OCR Higher 1 – solutions

OCR Higher 2

OCR Higher 2 – solutions

OCR Higher 3

OCR Higher 3 – solutions


OCR Practice 1 – Foundation 1

OCR Practice 1 – Foundation 1 – solutions

OCR Practice 1 – Foundation 2

OCR Practice 1 – Foundation 2 – solutions

OCR Practice 1 – Foundation 3

OCR Practice 1 – Foundation 3 – solutions

OCR Practice 1 – Higher 1

OCR Practice 1 – Higher 1 – solutions

OCR Practice 1 – Higher 2

OCR Practice 1 – Higher 2 – solutions

OCR Practice 1 – Higher 3

OCR Practice 1 – Higher 3 – solutions

Have a great weekend.

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  1. Sheila April 15, 2017 at 3:25 pm

    These resources are excellent for busy teachers, with very good worked solutions.
    Thank You

  2. Sarah April 20, 2017 at 10:17 pm

    Great, thank you for these. Extremely helpful!

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    A very good easy to use site. Thank you

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    I am grateful

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    Grateful and delighted. Please keep up the good work. Diolch (Thanks on Welsh)

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